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November 2014

Have a goal - for each piece of your assignment for each session. If you have a goal you can evaluate whether or not you reached it. If you don't reach it, your goal was too large. Your goal wouldn't be "play the Beethoven sonata better," it would be "fix fingering in measure 18."  Be sure to use specific goals and not general ones.  It is better to choose a small goal than a huge one.  Once completed, just set a new, small goal.  You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish.


Welcome to the New year of 2015. I'm looking forward to lots of progress by the students this year.

We'll be working on pieces for our "I Love Piano" Master Class in February. Also coming up will be sign-ups for the Spring Guild Auditions. Students must fill in the applications during February but pieces are not set (though we will have a good idea of what you will play). Changes may be made if needed up until the day of auditions. For those wanting to participate, be sure to realize that it takes a lot of extra effort to accomplish that goal but it is a great accomplishment once it is done.

Students are also working on the pieces for the May Kabalevsky Festival. It is the culmination of our year of study on the Modern period of music.

Those who participated in the CAPMT Piano Auditions and the Carnegie Music Development Program did very well and should be proud of their results and efforts. I know I am proud of them for their hard work.

We will be using Piano Maestro (only on iPad) during some lessons and, for those with an iPad, at home, I will be assigning lessons to do on them.  It is very engaging and lots of fun.  You can log in as a student of mine and it will keep track of the results.

Music School Website url is:  http://snowmusicschool.com.  The facebook music school page is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Snow-School-of-Music/212047992181003.  I’ll be posting pictures on that page now rather than on my school website.  Students may earn extra points when they play any of the games or visit the website to learn more about music. 

Also go to http://www.musiclearningcommunity.com and log in to play the games appropriate for your level.    The musiclearningcommunity.com site has lots of fun games that are especially good for beginners and even higher levels.  Be sure to try to go there at least once each week.  If you have forgotten our log-in and password, let me know.  Remember going to the computer for music games or information at least once a week gives you 10 extra piano points. The cost to use this service is $1.00 per family per month. Each child can have a log-in, even those not taking lessons.              

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"Practicing, rehearsing, performing, there is a difference between them"

Van Cliburn
(Famous Pianst)



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