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June 2014

from How to Practice Piano Effectively:  
Take the initiative and give yourself the permission to FIGURE THINGS OUT. I have students who will play something incorrectly and look at me and say, “I don’t know how to do this!” (when I know they really do).  The first thing I say is, “Figure it out.”  They will then give themselves permission to take the time to do so.  Have faith in yourself!   Apply what you have already learned in lessons to each piece, without depending upon your teacher to tell you everything.  Believe in what you know and you will improve!


Our new student this month is Joshua – WELCOME!  We hope you enjoy learning more about music and how to play the piano even better.  Those who participated in the Guild Auditions did GREAT!  I am so proud of all of them.  I know they were pretty sick of those pieces by the time the day of the auditions came.  Everyone got Superior minor or better with four getting Superior Plus!  Wonderful job!!!  The Spring Recital theme will be “The Magic of Music” and should be lots of fun and entertaining.  It will be on Friday, June 27th at 7 pm and will last at least 90 minutes.  I really, really hope it won’t go longer than that.  I’ll have more information for you as the time gets closer. The open rehearsal will be Thursday. I’ll have the time later, but it will be in the evening this time.  It is especially important for those with duets and those who want to practice on the piano at the church and practice what to do at the recital. 
We will be using Piano Maestro (only on iPad) during some lessons and, for those with an iPad, at home, I will be assigning lessons to do on them.  It is very engaging and lots of fun.  You can log in as a student of mine and it will keep track of the results.

This year I hope to do a series of piano camps during the summer.  I will have an interest sheet going home in the next few weeks.  Please take a look and return it asap.  There will be NO regular lessons in July as usual, but also NO regular lessons in August.

Music School Website url is:  http://snowmusicschool.com.  The facebook music school page is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Snow-School-of-Music/212047992181003.  I’ll be posting pictures on that page now rather than on my school website.  Students may earn extra points when they play any of the games or visit the website to learn more about music. 

Also go to http://www.musiclearningcommunity.com and log in to play the games appropriate for your level.    The musiclearningcommunity.com site has lots of fun games that are especially good for beginners and even higher levels.  Be sure to try to go there at least once each week.  If you have forgotten our log-in and password, let me know.  Remember going to the computer for music games or information at least once a week gives you 10 extra piano points. The cost to use this service is $1.00 per family per month. Each child can have a log-in, even those not taking lessons.              

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"Practicing, rehearsing, performing, there is a difference between them"

Van Cliburn
(Famous Pianst)



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