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April 2014

from How to Practice Piano Effectively:  

Use your ear – from How to Practice Piano Effectively: If you don’t think it sounds right, there is a very good chance that it is not right.  DOUBLE CHECK yourself and then correct it if it is wrong.  And, have confidence in your ear.  That’s what makes a good musician.  Always check the music when something doesn’t sound right.  You are usually right when you think it isn’t right!  Remember to learn it right the first time by carefully practicing only a few measures at a time, using say and play and counting and doing good repetitions at a slow tempo.  Only after you have learned the section should you go on.  By then, you will know by the sound whether or not it is correct



Welcome, welcome to Katie our new student in April.  We hope you enjoy learning how to play!  The Grieg Festival will be coming up the 1st of May.  We are setting the program for it now so let me know if there is something you want to play.  This master class is an all classical program on Edvard Grieg and the Romantic Period of Music.  It is for all parents and friends and students.  There is a small fee of $6.00 per student for this class.  Each student will receive a Grieg Statuette, a Romantic period music cd and a biographical handout for Grieg plus we’ll enjoy hearing the performances and learning more about Edvard Grieg.  The class is in my back yard so bring folding chairs or blankets and a treat to share.  Sweaters are good for the evenings this time of year.

Guild performers should have their programs memorized by this month.  Everyone who did by April 1 will have earned a special treat for the accomplishment.  Still haven’t gotten the exact date, but will let you know as soon as the card arrives. Our studio spring incentive program, the Sky’s the Limit, will have the first achievers probably this week.  Remember you are only competing against yourself for this one.  Every 20 stickers earns you a treat of your choice

Music School Website url is:  http://snowmusicschool.com.  The facebook music school page is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Snow-School-of-Music/212047992181003.  I’ll be posting pictures on that page now rather than on my school website.  Students may earn extra points when they play any of the games or visit the website to learn more about music. 

Also go to http://www.musiclearningcommunity.com and log in to play the games appropriate for your level.    The musiclearningcommunity.com site has lots of fun games that are especially good for beginners and even higher levels.  Be sure to try to go there at least once each week.  If you have forgotten our log-in and password, let me know.  Remember going to the computer for music games or information at least once a week gives you 10 extra piano points. The cost to use this service is $1.00 per family per month. Each child can have a log-in, even those not taking lessons.              

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"Practicing, rehearsing, performing, there is a difference between them"

Van Cliburn
(Famous Pianst)



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